Nomex® 910
Nomex® 910 - Enhanced cellulose paper

Manufactured and distributed by Krempel

Nomex® 910, developed by DuPont™, will now exclusively be produced by and sold through Krempel.

Since 2015, we have been DuPont's global partner for the newly developed cellulose paper, supporting DuPont™ by producing Nomex® 910 in one of our paper production facilities - and eventually producing the 3, 5, 7 and 10 mil. papers in the same plant.

We are very pleased to be able to serve existing and new customers in the energy industry. You can expect the same Nomex® quality as you’ve come to know and trust – the same ingredients, technology and product specifications.

Thomas Gilke Vice President Global Sales at Krempel says "We have worked closely with DuPont over the years and are very confident that we can continue to expand the Nomex® 910 product line along with our full-package electrical insulating solutions."

Krempel presents Nomex® 910

Aramid enhanced cellulose paper

Nomex 910

Nomex® 910 is a unique insulating material comprised of high-quality electrical grade cellulose pulp and web-like binders made from the same high-temperature polymer as other Nomex® brand papers. Because the product is comprised of both cellulose and Nomex® aramid ingredients, it exhibits properties that are between Nomex® pure aramid and cellulosic papers. Nomex® 910 can be offered in a range of 0.08 – 1.0 mm

Nomex® 910 was developed as interlayer insulation in liquid-immersed transformers for distribution and small power transformers. It may also be used for wire wrapping (conductor insulation) in any transformer, including large power transformers.

Nomex 910

Nomex® 910 has improved physical and electrical properties. It is suitable for medium temperature ranges in applications where a kraft and thermally upgraded kraft is insufficient but which do not yet require the high thermal class of a pure aramid paper.

Dielectric strength
Testing multiple layers in mineral oil per ASTM D149 indicates that Nomex® 910 offers an increase in AC rapid-rise breakdown voltage compared to thermally upgraded kraft.


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High Temperature Solutions For Liquid Filled Transformers / Nomex® 910

Insulating materials for all thermal classes

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